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About Us

The Office for Undergraduate Research is an initiative of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor at the University of Guyana. It is governed by a Director, an Assistant Director and an Advisory Council.


Mission Our mission is to promote and facilitate the engagement of students in research and other creative activities; to demystify research and increase knowledge about its nature and methodologies; and to obtain competitive advantages to pursue opportunities in the workforce and for postgraduate or professional study.


  • Enable undergraduate students to participate in research and other creative activities in all disciplines and programmes offered at the University of Guyana.
  • Provide opportunities for students to present posters, papers and other research outputs at university, national and international conferences and events; to compete for research funding; and to publish their work.
  • Incentivise academic staff at the University of Guyana to mentor students in research and scholarship, and collaborate with them in research and other creative arenas.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of students for the world of work and for postgraduate and professional pursuits.

Our Programmes

Infusion of Research Skills into Existing Courses
  • Incremental research training
Research Engagement Course
  • Hands-on research training beginning from year one
Mentorship Programme
  • Students in secondary schools
  • Students and mentors at the university
  • Students from entry to graduation
Spotlight on Minority Issues in Enrollment
  • Baseline inventories of our composition
Best Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research
  • Baseline inventories of best practices
Undergraduate Research Experience in Focus
  • Series of discussions with students about research and other engagements
Database of Undergraduate Research Excellence
  • Undergraduate research personalities
Support Student Engagement in Research
  • Hosting annual undergraduate research conferences across the university
  • Publishing abstracts
  • Funding undergraduate research and engagement locally and internationally
  • Accessing enhanced institutional membership benefits from the Council on Undergraduate Research
Publication of Research
  • Annual Book of Abstracts
  • Book on Undergraduate Research at UG
  • Articles targeting academic journals

Our Activities