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Being a student in the Faculty of Natural Sciences can be a challenging and rewarding experience. The Faculty has evolved and changed over the years with more students enrolling at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Programmes continue to evolve to meet the needs of students. You are added to thousands of brilliant persons who are and have been student members of the Faculty over the decades.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is home to four Departments. The Department of Biology offers the ASc and BSc in Biology and an MSc in Forest Biology. The Department of Chemistry, currently offers an ASc and a BSc in Chemistry. The Department of Computer Sciences offers ASc in Computer Science/Information Technology, BSc in Computer Science/Information Technology and a BSc in Information Systems. The Department of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics offers AScs in Physics and Statistics and BScs in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics.

Students in the Faculty benefit from quality teaching, on campus, online as well as off-campus training. We are committed to supporting and enhancing the student academic experience through the use of a variety of teaching and learning tools. Extra-curricular opportunities include volunteering at the Biodiversity Center, Biannual Computer Science Exhibition, University of Guyana Astronomical Society, and membership to various clubs such as the Chemistry Club, Botany Club, Journal Club, Social Media Club and Robotics Club. Students are also involved in sport activities.